APEC Workshop on Application of Big Data and Open Data

Chinese Taipei| 10/31/2015|

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The APEC Workshop on Application of Big Data and Open Data was convened from 29 – 30 October, 2015 at Taipei Garden Hotel. The workshop was a well-structured 2-day program hosting by Chinese Taipei focusing on regional collaboration to map out strategies to implement capacity building through APEC region. Information generated from big data and open data is vital for disaster risk reduction, emergency relief operation, business continuity management and sustainable economic and livelihood development. The workshop aims to: 

1. Investigate current status of application and demands of data through a region-wide survey;
2. Develop a roadmap of capacity building on assisting member economies in establishing big data;
3. Promote open data for creating safer trade environment;
4. Formulate a mechanism sharing open data to strengthen emergency preparedness and develop a roadmap to promote.

The Asia-Pacific region is a highly disaster prone area, regional capacity building on big data and open data will benefit both trade facilitation development and human security enhancement. The workshop invited experts and professionals from local and foreign disaster management agencies and research institutes to exchange and share best practices and experiences. There are 21 international delegates from 11 countries including Chile, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam.

Opening remarks was giving by Mr. Chung-Liang Chien, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of Chinese Taipei. Keynote Speeches were delivered by Mr. Roger Stone, Assistant Administrator for National Continuity Programs, Federal Emergency Management Agency U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the United States on topic of “Best Practices for Alert and Warning Systems, Leveraging Public Private Partnership”, and Dr. Wei-Sen Li, Co-Chair, APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group / Secretary General, National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction on topic of“ Enhancing Regional Digital Preparedness on Natural Hazards - The Application of Science and Technology in DRR Decision-Making.”

The workshop included 5 sessions, (1) Big datasets for disaster risk reduction, (2) Regional projects to improve digital emergency preparedness, (3) Practical applications of big data or open data, (4) Synergies with industry, private sector and crowd-sourcing, and (5) Challenges to embrace the new trend. Data collections are the basic digital emergency preparedness to mitigate adverse impacts brought by disasters. In the APEC region, numbers of regional institutes are operating and maintaining information systems which provide valuable platforms to analyze and share information. To maximize advantages of big data and open data, collaborations with private sectors that provide services of open source tools, social media and crowd-sourcing power will be a win-win strategy to efficiently facilitate information flows to shorten gaps and shortage of information. However, to make a full use of big data and open data, some challenges need to be tackled through regional synergies. Other than data collection and preparation, common standards of data formats and exchange protocols are the backbone to achieve regional information sharing. The workshop expected that through the interaction, participants’ capacity of identifying problems as well as solving problems would be enhanced through intensive discussion and experience sharing.

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