Plant Back Better (PBB)

community-based capacity building


Plant Back Better (PBB) - Featured Image

Recognizing high physical and social vulnerabilities related to natural hazards in agricultural communities, disaster-resilient plantation of vegetables with assistance of innovative technology will help to safeguard food security at grass root level.

“Plant back better” (PBB) aims at community-based capacity building and emergency preparedness for quick recover of micro economic activities at community level with public private partnership if disasters.

“Plant back better” focuses on:
1. Help vulnerable areas: To enhancing capacity building and emergency preparedness countermeasures through smarter and disaster-resilient vegetable plantation.
2. At phases of disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness: To build up a resilient community with local knowledge and efforts against natural disasters.
3. After disaster strike : To effectively and efficiently recover the micro economic activities, vegetable plantation and food supply


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