Regional and Local Best Practices of Post-Disaster Recovery

Building Sustainability and Resilience through Scientific Approaches

Chinese Taipei| 07/17/2017|

Regional and Local Best Practices of Post-Disaster Recovery - Featured Image

Based on the APEC DRRF, Chinese Taipei has established the EPCC since Jan. 2017 with an endorsement under the APEC EPWG. One of the major missions of EPCC is to take actions for engaging all regional stakeholders’ efforts to fulfill the APEC DRRF. The up-coming meeting in EPCC is aimed at discussing actions for it and includes the following topics:

1. Review actions on the APEC DRRF
2. Issues and cases studies of “Build back better” after disasters
3. Topics related to earthquakes, typhoons and monsoons in the APEC region

Enable communities to replicate in a sustainable and resilient manner through scientific support and reconstruction. As well as through the establishment of public-private partnerships to strengthen regional and local capacity to respond to disasters.

Facilitate cross-border communication of science and technology related to post-disaster recovery. International and local experts will describe how scientific results can be applied to post-disaster recovery, share the best restoration of practical earthquakes, and the restoration of the "Morakot Typhoon".

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