APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society, ACTS


APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society, ACTS - Featured Image

The concept of ACTS was form the APEC Industrial Science & Technology Working Group (ISTWG) in 2009, and ACTS was established in 2010 endorsed by APEC PPSTI, and work for:

  • Explore risks and find solutions through S&T 

        –APEC Resilient City, APEC Resilient Community

  • Offer best practices on enhancing resilience 

        –Technology for Capacity Building

  • Engage cross-fora collaboration by active dialogues


  • Provide in-depth looks at extreme weather event 

        –APCC, EPCC, ACTS,……

  • Demonstrate what we have learned 

        –Electronic publications


The APEC Typhoon Symposiums were held every year since 2011, the 2019 Symposiums was from September 30 to October 2, and focused on:

  • Policy Dialogue– From Science to Action for Climate Extremes Adaptation
  • Best Practices – Climate Information Services for Capacity Building

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